Consignment Policy

At Magnolias & Ivy we offer to sell by consignment quality furniture, lamps, mirrors, pictures, accessories, and much, much more.

All items need to be in good condition. We accept upholstered furniture that is not ripped or stained. Please bring a photo of your item before bringing it to the store or you can email us

We consign with a 30%/70% split, 70% goes to the consignor and 30% to Magnolias & Ivy.

To keep the store fresh all consignments will be discounted every 30 days:

Pricing schedule:

  • Days 1-30: Original price
  • Days 31-60: 10% discount on original price
  • Days 60-90: 15% discount on original price
  • Days 91-120: 20% discount on original price

Magnolias & Ivy reserve the right to post or not to post consignment items on a variety of websites in order to sell the item, there will be no extra fees included for this service.

Any item(s) that have not sold within 120 days will be removed from inventory and if not picked up promptly will be subject to donation. It is your responsibility to find your item and bring to the front desk for a return check out.

After 120 days Magnolias and Ivy reserve the right to dispose of unsold items with no further notice or payment to the consignor.